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About your Chamber

63 years ago, back in 1958, a group of local residents got together to form a committee to fight for water to be connected to what was then known as the Redland Shire.

Taking on the fight, these residents were able to persuade politicians to invest in the critical infrastructure that would see water flow to Redlands Coast homes and businesses.

Empowered by their success, the residents stuck together and formed what is today known as the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce, the organisation to champion our region’s future.

In 1980 Redland Chamber of Commerce was resurrected by several businesspeople in Cleveland with a goal to develop the business community in Redlands and to encourage businesses in Capalaba, Redland Bay and the Islands to get involved.

Fast forward to 2022, the Redlands Coast has grown to become a thriving, connected city with more than 161,000 residents – all thanks to the hard work of those Redlands Coast pioneers who took up the fight for us to be able to have water on tap.

Although times have changed since 1958, the resolve of the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce hasn’t.

We’re still here championing catalytic infrastructure for our region and providing support for local businesses to help them grow and prosper to ensure an even better future for the Redlands Coast. Our bright future.

Driven by volunteers who are passionate about the future of the Redlands Coast we connect, champion and engage with our members and industry towards a thriving and diverse business community, enhanced by our natural environment, rich Quandamooka history, and supported by our community spirit and culture.

Across Australia, Chambers of Commerce play an important role acting as the link between business, government and the community.

Some of our achievements as the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce:

  • 107 new members in the past 12 months, a growth of approx. 45% in membership
  • Funding confirmed and renewed by the State Government for the Redlands Regional Jobs Committee for a further 2 years (one of only 8 funded in QLD)
  • Redlands Women in Business has been in operation this year for 19 years, celebrating its birthday in July 2022
  • Collaboration with all three levels of government, regularly, through our Champions Redlands Coast initiative
  • 32 sponsorship and partnership collaborations with other local businesses supporting the Chamber and its initiatives, annually.


We will continue to champion business and investment, local jobs, education, catalytic infrastructure, region competitiveness, leveraging our natural environment and a positive community spirit and culture.



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