An Introduction to SEO

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An Introduction to SEO

Today, business everywhere is increasingly internet-centric.

Many businesses have developed a professional internet presence, ideally promoting business to new customers whilst providing service and information to returning customers.

Yet, the success of any website is heavily dependent upon its search engine ranking.

Try this: Google your company name and relevant service / goods description. If your website is listed on ‘page 1’ of Google Search Results  – Congratulations! In this instance your business is assured of achieving new visitors. (Note that people conducting internet queries rarely search beyond ‘page 2’ results.)

If your results are not found upon ‘page 1’ don’t despair. Your website can be specifically optimized for search engines and search results greatly improved. This process is known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Get Optimized
SEO is essentially a cost effective technique to get more page views by maximising search engine results. The goal is increasing unique visitors and thereby customer base.

SEO techniques include the effective use of metatags, descriptions and keywords. A keyword is a specific word or phrase that best defines your business. For maximum effect use your keyword repeatedly throughout headlines, links and individual page content. Some key words or phrases are more popular than others. Use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to view search results for keyword combinations.

It is often said that ‘Content is King’. Search engines meticulously read and review all web pages in seeking to provide relevant links. For SEO, strong content is your most valuable asset.

SEO is crucial to internet success. Talk to your web professional about SEO and how to optimize your site today.

Saul Edmonds
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