The Benefits of Business Coaching

Many business owners have dreams and ambitions for themselves and the future of their business. Knowing how to turn these into reality can be a challenging task, however, and that’s the position I found myself in at the end of 2019. While I’d successfully created a fulltime job for myself, I didn’t know how to […]

Support the Body that Supports You!

For many of us, running a business involves spending long hours seated in front of a computer. And while we may love what we do for a living, day in, day out, our bodies don’t. Sitting on our backside all day long isn’t just a recipe for increasing the size of our derriere. Suffering from […]

Put Your Website to Work!

Do you ever feel like your website has disappeared into the black hole of cyber space? You probably spent a heap of money on having a great looking website created, but as time passes you are overcome with disappointment because: Nobody can find it, as it’s sitting in position number 146 in search engine results; […]