If you build it, will they come? Why you need marketing campaigns and sales tools

It’s a common mistake small businesses make: they think if they produce a product, offer a service or build a business, customers will come.  In very few instances, though, do businesses actually generate revenue without marketing campaigns and sales tools – no matter how appealing their products or services are.  Without these essential marketing and […]

Make 2010 the year of goals, plans and change!

Yes, it’s that time of year, again! Making 2010 the year of goals, plans and change. As you plan for 2010, do you know how to really achieve those goals for your business? An approach to planning focuses on 90 day ‘chunks’ of time.  Strategic planning, looking out 1-3 years is an important and valuable […]

Business Security

CLICK HERE to download the Queensland Police Service brochure Business Security

Shoplifting a problem?

The crime of shoplifting is the taking of merchandise offered for sale without paying. Shoplifting accounts for more than 40% of reported shop losses annually. Shoplifting has become a large part of retail shrinkage. No matter how big or small the retail store may be, all types of retailers are susceptible to the growing problem […]

For non-urgent property crime reporting

Policelink 131 444 – the new number for non-urgent police matters There’s a new telephone number to call when you need to report non-urgent police matters. The new Policelink 131 444 number is available 24/7 and provides Queenslanders with an additional method to report a range of matters, including wilful property damage, stealing offences, break […]

Don’t Be Held To Ransom!

Ransomware is a piece of malicious software that restricts access to computer files by encrypting them and then demands a ransom paid to the creator for giving you access again. The only way to get access to these files is to pay the ransom or restore earlier versions of these files from backup. Even companies […]

5 Ways To Keep Your Mobile Devices Secure

It seems like every time you turn on the news lately, there are more stories of companies having their data stolen or corporate networks being hacked into. In fact, data theft and the hacking of business networks is actually on the rise. More and more of these attacks are originating with lost, stolen, or hacked […]

The 8 Critical Questions You Should Ask When Dealing With IT Suppliers

Dealing with IT suppliers and service providers is challenging for many businesses and many have concerns over reliability, security, cost as well as other factors. The key to hiring or dealing with a supplier is to do the research and leg work up front to ensure you know who you are dealing with, and the […]

5 Tips On How To Use Your IT Systems Smarter

We’ve all seen or heard the recent budget and we all have to tighten our belts and cut our spending, so I thought it would be useful to put together some areas of your IT where you could work smarter, and in some circumstances, cheaper. 1              Reduce your electricity Businesses waste a lot of money […]