Redlands Coast Business of the Month

Redland Business Of The Month Award Winner

Nominations Open

Our Monthly winners will be announced at our business breakfasts each month. Winners get awarded a certificate and the opportunity to speak in front of all Chamber members and guests.  Nominations are not taken for the months of December and January each year. 

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Business and Retail Awards

The key objectives of the Redland Business and Retail Awards are to:

  • Retain spending and promote local shopping within Redland City;
  • Create and maintain jobs within Redland City;
  • Promote excellence in customer service;
  • Encourage local businesses to focus on and improve their businesses;
  • Promote consumer confidence in local businesses.

The culmination of the Awards is the Gala Presentation Dinner, which is held in November, where the winners are announced.

How The Business and Retail Awards Work

There are two separate groups of categories within the Awards, the Retail Categories and the Business Categories. The business categories encourage you to examine the “why” of your business. You get to think about your strategy, your goals and your objectives. The Retail Categories examine the “how” of your business. The more you investigate how AND why you do things, the more you improve the chances of achieving real business success.

The Retail Categories

  • Retailers participate by gathering customer votes.
  • Finalists are determined by the number of valid customer votes gathered during the first five weeks of the Awards campaign.
  • Finalists are Mystery Shopped by an independent marketing company located outside of the Redlands. Retailers are encouraged to contact the Mystery Shopper after the Gala Dinner to obtain valuable marketing research on their business.

The Business Categories

  • Businesses participate by self nomination. These businesses write short answers to several questions.
  • Each nomination is judged by a panel of three independent judges who are all business leaders outside of the Redlands to determine the Finalists.
  • Finalists are interviewed by one of the three judges, who then determines the winner. During the interviews, each Finalist typically has the opportunity to gain valuable feedback from the judge.