Chamber welcomes a new President for 2023!

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Chamber welcomes a new President for 2023!

A letter from the departing President; Cindy Corrie:


Dear Chamber Community,

It is with deep regret that I tender my resignation as your President. This is due to a conflict of interest that unfortunately requires that I step down from this position, as well as my position of Chair for the Chamber’s Champion Redlands Coast initiative. I do this in service to our members and the Executive Committee, as good governance and transparency is the cornerstone of success in the leadership of our Chamber. My resignation will take effect from this announcement (12th January 2022).

In the coming days, I will be commencing a role in the newly formed Advocacy, Major Projects and Economic Development department of Redland City Council. I am looking forward to continuing to champion a bright future for the Redlands Coast, and I’m excited to be part of a team who are focused on positioning the Redlands Coast to leverage the incredible opportunities before us in the coming decade.

Over the Christmas break, your Executive Committee came together and voted in a new President to take the now vacant role. I’d like to congratulate Suzie Tafolo on her appointment as the President of the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce.

Suzie has been a Vice President for two years and has worked diligently as our Membership Ambassador to ensure businesses in the region are welcomed and supported, and that issues raised are bought back to the Chamber to be included in our advocacy work. Suzie has demonstrated great leadership skills, and I’m confident she will be a great President for the Chamber.

Since our AGM in August 2022, the Executive Committee have created a robust Strategic Plan to realise three main goals for the Chamber: building our membership base, delivering more impact and value for members and sponsors, and to future-proof the Chamber and the important work it does for the business community. 2023 is going to be an exciting year for the Chamber as it continues to evolve and grow. There are some exciting changes coming to our Business of the Month Awards that will allow us to recognise those businesses who demonstrate best practice in business excellence, and a great events program set to deliver more value than ever. We’re continuing to partner and collaborate with various stakeholders to continue our advocacy work towards sustainable economic development for the region through our Champion Redlands Coast initiative.

I’d like to acknowledge and thank the Executive Committee and our staff for their support during this time of transition and change. I’m proud of the team we have, and the incredible gains we’ve made in such a short time.  I’d also like to acknowledge that the Executive Committee are volunteers who run their own businesses and are dedicated community leaders who give enormous amounts of time and their own resources to the Chamber in order to deliver to our Members and Sponsors, with the support of our Commercial Manager and Support Officer. The Executive Committee is the strongest it has ever been, and I’m excited to see the Strategic Plan come to life in 2023.

The Chamber’s success is not dependent on the President of the day – it relies on the whole Executive Committee, the Membership, and Sponsors to commit to the broader vision and support the Chamber Executive to continue to deliver for our region. I’d like to thank our Members and Sponsors for their continued support and commitment to the Chamber, and I look forward to continuing to work with the Chamber into the future.

Kind Regards,

Cindy Corrie.



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