Choosing The Right Mode of Transport

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Choosing The Right Mode of Transport

Global PFS has a network of global freight solutions and partners to cover all transport modes including air, sea, road and rail. Thanks to our experience and inside knowledge of market conditions, we can help businesses choose the right mode of transport to suit their needs.

Here’s some of the factors we take into account.


  1. MOST IMPORTANT: Your business and requirements


We start by gaining a thorough understanding of your needs and business objectives. We use our specialist knowledge to ask the right questions and listen to your responses!

2. Budget and time

Costs vary depending on the type of goods and type of transport used. Insurance premiums, tariffs and duties are all factors to consider. Although sea transport is often the least expensive mode of transport, there are faster options, like air, for where your goods require quick delivery. With this speed, however, comes a higher comparative cost.

3. Weight & Size

The size and weight of your shipment can influence or limit the available transport options. For example, small, light and/or time-sensitive shipments may be better suited to air transport. Bulky items like machinery may be able to be transported as a whole piece or, where possible, broken down into smaller pieces and packed into container transport. Containers come in 20 and 40 foot lengths and your shipment may require full container load (FCL) or less than a container load (LCL).

4. Type of goods

If your goods are wheeled such as heavy machinery, roll on and roll off might be the best option. Suitable machinery can also be placed on a wheeled platform or it may require lifting on and off the ship via a crane.

5. Other considerations

We also understand the basics like the distance from Point A to Point B and the extant and varying logistics climates, particularly where COVID-19 has brought about so many changes. We also consider whether your shipment requires storage at any stage.

Picking the right mode of transport is certainly not ‘one size fits all’. Global PFS works with a variety of trusted business partners to ensure we have the most up to date information on each mode of transport. We ensure that we understand your requirements and recommend the most suitable solution. It may even be a combination of methods.

To discuss your shipping requirements, arrange a no obligation virtual Personalised Freight Review with our team now or give us a call on +61 07 3185 4184 (EXT 800).



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