Community Sport & the Olympic Legacy

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Community Sport & the Olympic Legacy

Our envious natural surroundings and our thriving local economy are two major reasons the Redlands Coast is a place many people choose to live and work in.


So what is liveability and how we can improve it by? The research shows that this can be achieved by investing in four key areas:


  • housing choice and affordability
  • indoor recreation
  • public transport and connectivity
  • tertiary education


Investment in how we live and contribute to our local economy is important but so is where we play and the spaces, we spend our time in, outside of our homes and workplaces.


The region knows the importance of sports at a grass roots level and the community benefits that come from providing a wide variety of sporting and recreational opportunities.


That’s why it’s an exciting time for the Redlands Coast, with 26 sport and recreational projects in the pipeline of which 6 have already been completed and 16 currently being delivered.


Without a doubt, the superstars of the Redlands Coast’s sports and recreational infrastructure projects are The Birkdale Community Precinct and The Redlands Coast Regional Sport and Recreation Project.


These two projects will enhance the already thriving local sporting community we have here by:

  • offering more sporting opportunities for local clubs;
  • creating more local jobs;
  • bringing major investment to the region during and after construction; and
  • contributing to lifting our region’s liveability by having innovative community spaces everyone can enjoy.


An additional benefit of the Birkdale Community Precinct is that it will shine a bright light on the Redlands Coast as one of the key venues for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


The Champion Redlands Coast Project Pipeline Update and Skills Assessment report highlights the potential for this project to not only support and encourage increased residential growth in the Redlands Coast but to represent a regional and state significant community, sporting and tourism asset to support wider economic growth.


There’s a bright future ahead for our sports and recreational industry which is why it’s important to champion the already planned investment in this area, including not just sport and recreation, but other important industries such as education, health, tourism and infrastructure.


There are 173 projects in the pipeline with an estimated investment value of $6.5 billion.


Project highlights:


Birkdale Community Precinct

  • 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games whitewater rafting venue
  • Public lagoon, walking trails, nature reserve and 6 cultural/community hubs
  • Future venue for international and national sporting events


Redlands Coast Regional Sport and Recreation Project

  • A new home to 4 local sporting clubs
  • 16 sporting fields, cycling and BMX tracks, and first-class recreation facilities
  • Estimated to support 53 local jobs in stage 1



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