Cyber Security Checklist for Business

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Cyber Security Checklist for Business

[Includes free cyber security checklist] Getting around to sorting out your business’ IT security is one of those things that’s continuously pushed down the weekly ‘to-do’ list. It can seem overwhelming just thinking about it.

As business owners, most of us know it’s something important that needs our attention but very few of us actually get around to it.


“Most small business owners fail to recognise the weaknesses in their own IT infrastructure or don’t know where to start to fix the vulnerabilities” 

– Australian Cyber Security Center.


In our changing work environment with remote access, cloud based software and work-from-home realities, businesses are vulnerable more than ever.

If your business does fall victim to cyber attacks like ransomware and phishing it’s too late. Cyber criminals can steal valuable data, lock you out of your systems until a ransom is paid (usually in BitCoin), permanently damage your IT infrastructure and bring negative attention to your business reputation.

In many cases, especially with small businesses, cyber criminals gain access to your IT systems via the same, or similar methods. In many cases there are simple things that you and your staff can put in place in order to at least minimize the risk of becoming another cyber crime victim.


These include:

  • Not using public wifi
  • Locking your devices when you’re not near them.
  • Having a clear work-from-home security policy.
  • Using endpoint security software on remote devices.


You can find more advice on our website as well as a free 12-point checklist. Feel free to use that as a company resource to train your employees.

Get the 12 point checklist


Contact me if you have any questions regarding your IT security or security software products.

Alexandra Marot

T: 07 3149 3447

E: [email protected]




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