Evelyn Cordell’s top tips for school-to-work programs

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Evelyn Cordell’s top tips for school-to-work programs

We were thrilled to have had Evelyn Cordell, the 2022 School-based Trainee of the Year as a guest speaker at our recent Futures Forums event, where she shared her experiences and insights with students. Her inspiring message emphasised the importance of work experience and traineeships and encouraged students to explore these opportunities as a pathway to success in their future careers.

Here are Evelyn’s top 5 tips that she shared with our students on the day

Work experience
One of the primary benefits of school-to-work programs is the opportunity for students to gain valuable work experience. By participating in varied work experience programs, students can explore different industries and job roles and get a sense of what they might enjoy doing as a career. Evelyn strongly believes there is nothing but positive outcomes when it comes to work experience.

Do a traineeship
Traineeships and apprenticeships allow students to gain industry-specific knowledge and skills before leaving school. This can be a great way to gain a competitive edge in the job market and increase employability. Evelyn believes this is one of the best ways to gain experience before leaving school and encourages all students to consider doing one.

Recognised certificates
Traineeships and apprenticeships offer recognised certificates that can be valuable when students start looking for work after they finish school. These certificates demonstrate to potential employers that students have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a particular field.

Achieving your dream
Work experience, traineeships and apprenticeships can help students take concrete steps toward achieving their dream careers. Whether it’s through further education or direct employment opportunities, the experience, knowledge and skills these programs offer can provide clear pathways for students to follow. Evelyn says “no one can achieve your dream but you – work for it!

Don’t give up!
Evelyn believes that there is no better way to decide what to do than through doing a traineeship or apprenticeship, she says that it has been the best experience in her opinion. Evelyn shares that her experience has been a great way to build confidence, understand what she likes and develop important industry connections that have been imperative to help guide her learning and career aspirations. While it may take some hard work to manage your workload between school and work, in Evelyn’s words – “Do not give up, I can guarantee it will be worth it!”




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