For non-urgent property crime reporting

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For non-urgent property crime reporting

Policelink 131 444 – the new number for non-urgent police matters

There’s a new telephone number to call when you need to report non-urgent police matters. The new Policelink 131 444 number is available 24/7 and provides Queenslanders with an additional method to report a range of matters, including wilful property damage, stealing offences, break and enters, stolen or unlawful use of motor vehicles (UUMV) and lost property.

Policelink 131 444 is an easy to remember number, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to contact police to report non-urgent incidents or make general enquiries.

When should you call Policelink 131 444?

Think first, and if the crime is not happening now, life threatening or there is little likelihood of the suspected offenders still being in the area, think about phoning Policelink 131 444. This includes assistance with:

• wilful property damage

• stealing offences

• break and enters

• stolen vehicles (UUMV)

• lost property.

When should you call Triple Zero (000)?

• If the crime is happening now

• When your life or property is in immediate danger

• When the event is time critical, for example a fire.

A more efficient way for everyone

Policelink 131 444 is designed to improve response management and enhance the delivery of police services to Queenslanders.

Policelink 131 444 provides Queenslanders with another choice to contact police for non-urgent assistance, resulting in improved front line police response times and enhanced client service to the community and Queensland Police Service members.

Professionally trained QPS Client Service Officers will respond to your call from the purpose built Policelink Contact Centre in south-east Queensland.

Why was Policelink introduced?

Policelink 131 444 delivers major enhancements to the high quality policing and crime reporting services delivered by the Queensland Police Service.

The introduction of Policelink 131 444, will positively impact on the availability of officers to respond to true Triple Zero emergencies.

Your non-urgent report to Policelink is important and will be handled efficiently and effectively.

The new statewide service will also assist officers managing crime in your local area by identifying emerging crime trends from the information you provide when you make a report to Policelink.

What happens when you call Policelink 131 444?

When you contact Policelink, our specially trained Client Service Officers and Police Technical Advisors will receive and process your request for non-urgent police assistance. This can include selected property crime reports from the community, some requests for non-urgent police attendance, reports of lost property and assisting with general enquiries, such as crime prevention information. Where appropriate, Policelink staff may also issue you with a crime report number for insurance purposes.

Easy number to remember

Policelink 131 444 is an easy to remember number, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Calls to 131 444 are charged at the local call rate, with mobile phone call costs varying with your service provider.

Save Triple Zero (000) for emergencies.

Think Policelink 131 444 to report non-urgent matters 24 hours a day.

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