From Problems to Possibilities

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From Problems to Possibilities

I use a strengths based approach to change when I am building effective teams, collaborations, partnerships or building a Compassionate Community.  The strengths based approach is the “5 D” method of Appreciative Inquiry.

  • Definition – We Choose the positive for our focus;
  • Discovery – We inquiry into exceptionally positive experiences and moments of greatest success and fulfillment as we share our stories ;
  • Dream – Create imagines of a preferred future through a shared vision;
  • Design & Destiny – Innovate and improvise ways to create the future – the plan for the way forward

This draws on the positive lived experiences to move in the direction of what you want to see in the future.  When we identify our strengths as individuals and groups we can build on them – what we focus on grows.

Instead of trying to solve a problem, Appreciative Inquiry generates a collective agreement about what people want to do together and enough structure and energy to mobilise action in the service of those agreements.



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