Sub-Committee Goals

The Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce are very active, offering a number of initiatives to provide benefit to the Redlands Coast business community. 

Current initiatives include Redlands Women in Business, Business Breakfasts, Workshop Series, Championing Redlands Coast & Redlands Coast Business Awards

The Roles of RCCC Sub-Committees

Sub-Committees will align their activities with the strategic plan, and support the achievement of strategic objectives

Redlands Women in Business

Personal, professional and business development of women in business on the Redlands Coast.

Redlands Coast Business Awards

Celebrate organisations that demonstrate excellence (ie: businesses that align with RCCC vision and mission)

Business Breakfasts

Provide engaging speakers and themes that align with strategic objectives and promote best practice and sustainable business growth

Workshop Series

Deliver workshops that promote sustainable business growth and are responsive to the needs of the members and the business community as a whole

Championing Redlands Coast

Drive initiatives that promote sustainable economic development and attract investment.

Redlands Women in Business 2021

Theme: Value yourself, improve business #balance

Objective Rationale
Support the personal development of RWIB Ongoing personal development promotes growth in business. Grow yourself, grow your business
Support the professional development of RWIB Provide opportunities for professional development
Support business development for RWIB Business development including start ups, scale ups and large organisations

Business Breakfasts

Theme: Championing Connected Business

Objective Rationale
A business community that is thriving, sustainable and connected to each other Providing a quality engagement experience for the business community to come together with an align purpose
A business community that is provided a platform to connect all levels of government Providing regular engagement opportunities between the business community and leaders in government
A business community that is informed  Knowledge is power, ensuring the business community is informed on avenues for education and community engagement outside RCCC

Workshop Series 2021

Theme: Championing Better Business

Objective Rationale
Encourage sustainable local business growth By engaging businesses in educational opportunities the businesses will grow and will be required to employ
Provide opportunity to be informed of government opportunities Providing educational opportunities on how to work with government further supports business growth with a broader income stream for local business
Support local professionals to provide education to the business community Connecting local professionals through paid facilitation strengthens the linkage and access of education to the business community

Championing Redlands Coast

Objective Rationale
Engage: 1. Financial sustainability of the CRC initiative 2. Engage with Industry Partners through initiatives that align with the CRC research outcomes and recommendations. 3. Undertake research to support future Productive Precincts initiatives
Support: 1. Encourage Industry Partners to support Community groups to embed themselves in the community, build trust, and contribute to improved cultural narrative 2. Encourage industry and the wider business community to engage with initiatives around workforce planning and skills. 3. Promote events, businesses, or initiatives that showcase the enhanced lifestyle opportunities of the Redlands Coast
Advocate: 1. Advocating for a dedicated and independent Economic Development Agency 2. Advocating for a universal brand for the Redlands Coast 3. Advocating for a coordinated approach to attracting investment

Redlands Coast Business Awards

Objective Rationale

 Celebrating the growth of businesses on the Redlands Coast

Social Responsibility  Celebrating businesses who have supported community groups
Innovation  Celebrating businesses with new ideas/development/adaptability
Leadership  Celebrating business leaders
Women  Celebrating RWIB of the year
NFP of the Year  Celebrating charitable organisations who have made meaningful impact
Employer of the Year  Celebrating employers who contribute to the Redlands Coast being the best place to work

Industry Categories

  1. Retail
  2. Construction
  3. Health Wellbeing
  4. Sustainability
Top industry categories for the Redlands Coast, and areas in which align with the current strategic focus