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Allow us to introduce ourselves

If you havent heard of us, were the Redlands Regional Jobs Committee and were here to help you gain new skills and put them into practice in a working environment.

Theres no better time than the upcoming holiday season to dive into something new. Whether youre after onthejob experience, or want to learn skills thatll benefit you well into the future, youve come to the right place.

Embark on your employment journey with our support!

What we

can do for you...

Backed by the Queensland Government, RRJC exists to foster growth across employment, skills and training on the Redlands Coast.

The Redlands Regional Jobs Committee is proudly supported and funded by the Queensland Government. 

We run the only online board for jobs across the Redlands Coast, connecting jobseekers with local businesses. With no shortage of age-appropriate, entry-level positions, you’re sure to find a role that will kick start your career and/or provide you with an income stream).

Whether you’re after 2 hours a week or 20, we’ve got local job options to suit all interests and experience levels. From support work to letterbox drops, find the right fit for you and head into the new year with invaluable employment experience.
We’re also committed to helping you upskill, with the Redlands Coast’s only collated training directory for local course options. Not only will your completed course look great on your resume, but you’ll also gain a skill set that you can make use of throughout your career.

With our one-stop skilling resource centre, we make it easy for you to access local training opportunities. From short courses to traineeships, hospitality to health services – spend your summer upskilling and get ready to succeed in 2023.

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