How can you source the right staff?

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How can you source the right staff?

Unemployment rates have increased but still finding it hard to find the right person?  

Step 1 – Scope the Job

What do you really need?  Develop a job description including position title, who the position reports to, what are the key job responsibilities, how is performance measured, and what behaviours, skills, qualifications and experience is necessary to perform the job competently?

Step 2 – Employee Value Proposition

If you have a reputation as a great employer the candidates will come running.  

What can you offer prospective employees?  Develop the employer message and creative concept to present what you have to offer in the most compelling way.  Target the employer message to suit your target candidate.  Be accurate and true about the benefits of working for your company.

Step 3 – Candidate Pool

You need to attract the largest number of candidates for your job as possible for the best outcome.  How do you do this?

*  Advertising, eg newspapers, Seek

*  Your company website

*  Your networks – email the ad to your clients and suppliers

*  Advertise at your workplace for visitors

*  Advertise at your workplace for employees – for them and their contacts

*  Implement an employee referral program

*  Accept speculative applications using a tailored application form

Step 4 – Robust Selection Methods

Ensure you spend time preparing for the interviews by developing a standard set of questions to ask each candidate, including:

*  Questions about their relevant work experience and skills

*  Examples of how they’ve behaved in the past – “Tell me about a difficult customer you dealt with?”  “How did you handle the situation?”  “What was the result?”

*  When can they start?  Wage expectations? Referees?

Remember its also important for you to “sell” the job to the candidate – you’re not the only employer looking for staff!

Do at least 2 reference checks.  Again, prepare a set of questions prior to calling.

Sometimes its necessary to do pre-employment medicals and criminal checks.

Step 5 – Offer

Verbally offer the job and follow-up with an employment contract covering the key conditions of employment that must be signed and agreed to prior to the commencement of work.

Don’t forget to notify the other candidates that on this occasion they have been unsuccessful but you will keep their details on file should another suitable job come up in the near future.


Be warned that recent research shows many employees are looking for a new job!  So its recommended you motivate and develop your current staff to ensure you retain them – replacing staff is time consuming and costly.

Written by Claire Harrison, Harrison Human Resources,, Tel:  3286 6035.



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