How To Reduce Your IT Costs – 7 Benefits An MSP Offers You.

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How To Reduce Your IT Costs – 7 Benefits An MSP Offers You.

by Alexandra Marot,

9spheres Technologies.




IT costs are one of those items on your P&L that can often go unchecked. A good, managed IT service provider (MSP) should save you money in the long-run, but how? Here’s just 7 ways to consider.


  1. Flexibility

Have you noticed how your IT needs evolve as your business grows? The opposite is true too. Some MSPs, like 9spheres Technologies, offer you the ability to add and remove services from month to month without being locked into costly annual contracts.


  1. Predictable costs

With a monthly support package from an MSP you know exactly what you’ll be spending on your IT, helping you plan and budget better. An MSP also maintains your IT ecosystem, helping you to prevent sudden costly expenses.


  1. Customizable

Avoid getting locked into bundled IT packages where you’ll spend money on items you won’t use. An MSP should offer you the ability to only select and pay for the services your business actually needs.


  1. Improved productivity

In our reality of remote work and meetings it’s important that your team isn’t losing time and opportunities with slow connections, unstable internet, security risks and communication issues. Data should flow seamlessly, from secure file sharing to easy calling via VoIP phone systems.


  1. Protection

Cyber threats are constantly evolving. As a business owner you don’t have the time to stay on top of that. An MSP maintains your existing security protocol, from your employees devices to your firewall, protecting you from threats like ransomware, phishing, malware, etc, which alone have the potential to cost you your business.


  1. Support

Does your business still rely on a family member to fix IT issues? Being able to rely on good on-site and remote support can save you a lot of time, money and unwanted headaches.


  1. Mistakes

Mistakes can be costly, especially in the digital world where sensitive data and IT infrastructure can be compromised. With an MSP like 9spheres Technologies you have access to a team of experts to help avoid mistakes, and when they do, to help recover data quickly.

If you’re interested in discussing the benefits of an MSP and our customizable packages, please contact me on the details below.


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