Ian Edwards top Resume Tips for young Job Seekers

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Ian Edwards top Resume Tips for young Job Seekers

Are you a young jobseeker looking to create an impressive resume that stands out from the crowd? We’ve got you covered. We recently caught up with Ian Edwards, Team Leader and Youth Engagement Officer at Sarina Russo who shared these five awesome tips. Get ready to make a killer first impression with your future employer.

1. Keep it Simple, Smarty Pants: When it comes to crafting your resume, simplicity is key. Avoid overwhelming your potential employer with excessive information. Stick to the essentials and keep it clean and organised. Trust us, a clutter-free resume is like a breath of fresh air.

2. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy: Remember, your resume should be a breeze to read. Use legible fonts, appropriate font sizes and a basic colour scheme. Keep the formatting consistent throughout the document. White space is your friend—use it wisely to create a balanced and visually appealing layout. Your future boss will thank you for the easy read.

3. Speak Your Language: Let your personality shine through by using your own language. You don’t need to be all formal and stuffy. Be yourself. Of course, that doesn’t mean using slang or emojis, but feel free to add a dash of your natural charm. After all, your resume is a reflection of who you are.

4. Know Your Resume Like the Back of Your Hand: Picture this—you’ve landed an interview and they’re asking you about something on your resume, and you draw a blank. Awkward, right? Avoid that by thoroughly familiarising yourself with what’s in your resume. Be prepared to elaborate on each section during an interview. Show them you’re the real deal.

5. Top It Off with the Good Stuff: You want to grab the employer’s attention right away, so put the most important information at the top of your resume. Highlight your key skills, accomplishments, or relevant experiences right off the bat. Make sure they can’t miss it! Remember, first impressions matter, so knock their socks off from the get-go.

So there you have it, future superstars. Follow these five tips and you’ll be well on your way to crafting an amazing resume. Keep it simple, easy to read, and add your unique touch. Familiarise yourself with your own resume and remember to prioritise the employer’s needs. You’ve got this.



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