Transform your business idea or existing small business.

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Transform your business idea or existing small business.

Website ASURIA

Get your business idea off the ground with expert training

Asuria is a Workforce Australia – Self-Employment Assistance provider who can help you transform your business idea or existing small business.

With over ten years of proven Self-Employment Assistance service delivery, our Asuria Business Mentors provide the necessary groundwork for new and existing small businesses to succeed.

Under the program, our Business Mentors help you create or improve a business plan, as well as the following, with no cost to you:

Develop your business plan
Get 12 months of personalised mentoring
Participate in specialised training
Receive business health checks
Receive income allowance for up to 39 weeks and rental assistance for up to 26 weeks (for eligible participants)

You could be eligible for our Self-Employment Assistant services if you are a job seeker aged 15 or over, wishing to turn your business idea into your dream job.

You could also be eligible if you are an existing small business that is not currently operating commercially or is at risk of not operating commercially within the next 12 months.

At Asuria, we believe in you, we hear you and support you and we help you get your business off the ground and running. If you’re interested in turning your passion into a profession, get in contact with an Asuria Business Mentor today.

To find out more about our Workforce Australia – Self-Employment Assistance services, please visit our website:

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