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From Problems to Possibilities

I use a strengths based approach to change when I am building effective teams, collaborations, partnerships or building a Compassionate Community.  The strengths based approach is the "5 D" method of Appreciative Inquiry. Definition - We Choose the positive for our...

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1+1=3 The Product of Diversity maths isn’t wrong...well not in the world of Diversity it’s not. One person: with their unique perspectives, skills, experiences, background and life: When given the opportunity to collaborate with another person also with their own uniqueness and value,...

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Sales Mistakes to Avoid

In sales, there are a number of common mistakes you should avoid in order to be good at your sales process so that you can ‘close the sale’ and get in more business and increase your profits.   Here are my top tips to handle your sales well: Ø Not having a clear sales...

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