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Stop Worring and Release your Creativity

I’ve heard it said a few times this week that we are facing two challenges, COVID-19 and fear. I agree and I think the fear is more widespread that the virus. You only need to visit the supermarket, stare in dismay at the empty shelves, and know fear is pandemic. The...

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What Plant Do You Choose To Be?

There is an ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times”. It seems that the whole world has fallen under that curse. The situation changes on a daily basis and the news is full of COVID-19 bad news stories. People are incredibly fearful, witness the...

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From Problems to Possibilities

I use a strengths based approach to change when I am building effective teams, collaborations, partnerships or building a Compassionate Community.  The strengths based approach is the "5 D" method of Appreciative Inquiry. Definition - We Choose the positive for our...

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