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You are invited to submit your business into the 2021 Redlands Coast Business Excellence Awards.


Submissions close: 5.00pm (AEST), Monday 9th August

The Award Objectives

The objectives of the Redlands Coast Business Excellence Awards Program for 2021 and beyond.

Award criteria and interview questions are aligned with the Awards Framework and Objectives to allow businesses across all sectors and industries to tell their story in a way that allows for consistent, fair and measurable merit-based judging.


Recognise business excellence in line with the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce strategic vision and plan


Celebrate the growth, improvement and innovation of local business and industry


Promote excellence in business leadership, strategy and relationships to deliver results


Support and celebrate a culture of community spirit and connection


  • Businesses should frame their responses based on the last 12-18 months of business activity.
  • Five award questions are judged to give a total score out of 100 points to determine finalists.
  • Responses should be limited to (400-500 words/2000-2500 characters including spaces) maximum per criteria.
  • Scores from written responses are added to interview scores to determine finalists.

It’s easy to enter!

Simply complete the questions below and your submission will go to the judges for a shortlist to be compiled as our FINALISTS in the 2021 Redlands Coast Business Excellence Awards

By participating in the Redland Coast Business Excellence Awards you are providing your organisation and your employees a unique opportunity to benchmark your performance against other businesses in the Redlands.

Business Eligibility

Entries are open to all businesses operating within, and/or with a registered business within, the Redland City Council boundaries, and to members of the Redland City Chamber of Commerce Inc (Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce).

  • Entrants do not have to be a member of the Redland City Chamber of Commerce.
  • Committee Members and employees of Redland City Chamber of Commerce, their employees and immediate family members are ineligible to enter.
  • Businesses must be in continuous operation for at least 12 months and be independently owned. If you’re not sure, contact us.
  • Businesses must be registered or a legally constituted trading entity.
  • Government agencies and national retail and hospitality chain outlets etc are not eligible.
  • Independently owned franchise businesses may enter the Awards.
  • The owner/manager must be responsible for the majority or all aspects of the business, including the day to day operations of the business, as well as financing.

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Simply click the button below to access the nomination and submission form. Your entry once completed will go to the judges for a shortlist to be compiled as our FINALISTS in the 2021 Redlands Coast Business Excellence Awards.

Note: entries can not be saved to come back to, so please ensure you download the marking criteria with questions to complete offline first.

Submissions close midnight, Monday 9th August


  • Note, your submission CAN NOT be saved to complete later. As such, you may wish to complete your submission offline and then copy and paste into the nomination form.
  • The Marking Criteria and a coy of each question can be found here for your reference. Please download a copy to work offline.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I apply to the Business Awards?

You can download the Awards Information, Questions and Marking Criteria here and prepare your responses on a Word document prior to filling in the online application form, which can be found here.

Can I nominate my own business for the Awards?

Yes!  Third party nominations are not possible in these awards. Business owners must have final approval of the written responses and submit the application online. No one knows how much you and your team deserve recognition as much as you do!

Can I nominate another business for the Awards?

No – but you can encourage them to enter. The business must know it is entered and must be confident the responses reflect the business accurately.

Is my business eligible if it is situated outside the Redlands?

Yes, under certain conditions. Ideally, all entrants should either have a registered Business address in Redlands; or have a principal place of business within the Redlands LGA. Businesses located outside the Redlands LGA are only eligible this year if they have maintained current financial membership with the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce for the previous 6 months (min.)

Is my business eligible if it is virtual/online?

Yes. As long as your business ABN and registered business address are located in the Redlands Coast LGA, or you are a current financial RCCC Member, and there is a category that’s right for you, then you satisfy the criteria

Can I enter if I am a sponsor of the Chamber or one of its initiatives?

Yes, any of the Chamber’s sponsors are welcome and encouraged to enter the awards. However, they cannot enter the category that they are sponsoring. No-one affiliated with their organisation will be assigned to the judging panel for that category. For a full outline of eligibility requirements, please see the website, or contact the Chamber.

Can I enter the awards if I am an office bearer for the Chamber Committee?

Any Executive Committee Members (office bearers) of the Chamber are exempt from entering the awards (unless they are an employee of their business, and their business wishes to enter. In this stance the employer must not be associated with the Chamber Executive Committee and the relevant office bearer must not be, or hold, any direct ownership of the business). For a full outline of eligibility requirements, please see the website, or contact the Chamber.

I have more than 1 business, can I enter each of them?

Businesses may only submit one entry per ABN/ACN. If the different businesses are individual entities with their own ABN, you may enter each business.

How do I prepare my application responses for submission?

You should download the Awards Information, Questions and Marking Criteria here and prepare your responses on a Word document prior to filling in the online application form. This way you can refine and edit your responses until perfect!

You can attend the Awards Workshop on 21 July and check in on updated FAQ’s regularly.

Also check our social media for hints and tips.

Do I have to address all the criteria questions?

To be competitive, yes! Leaving out a criteria will reduce your overall score.

Do I have to address everything listed in the guiding text for each question?

No – the guiding questions are there as suggestions only. If they are not relevant to your business you do not have to address them.

Do I have to use the entire word count?

No – a word count is not a challenge, but it is guidance. The quality of the words is more important than the number of words used however the amount written should be sufficient to provide the Judges with the information they need to assess the application competitively.

Can I edit my application after it has been submitted?

Yes – however you will need to complete the application form again in full.  You may resubmit an edited application up until the close of applications at 5.00PM AEST, Monday 9th August 2021. The last complete entry received from your business will be the submission that is assessed.

Can I get an extension on the submission deadline?

No – the submission deadline is final and no extensions are available. The online form will automatically prevent entry submission after 5.00PM AEST, Monday 9th August 2021.

Which category should I enter?

Read the category descriptions carefully. If you are still unsure please contact the Chambers Business Support Officer via email for further assistance. If the Awards Team or judging panel believes strongly that you are better suited to a different category, they will contact you to discuss this.

Can I enter more than 1 category?

Yes, absolutely! You may enter your business into any category you feel fits your business structure, industry and/or sector.

Do I have to enter a category and answer the questions, if I just want to nominate for the People’s Choice Award?

No, you do not need to enter an additional category. If you are only interested in nominating your business into People’s Choice Award, then the questions do not need to be completed.

How many applicants make it to the finalist stage?

Applicants will only make it to the finalist stage if they submit outstanding applications that address the selection criteria. There is no set number of finalists per category but we anticipate an average 3-5 finalists per category.

How are finalists recognised?

Finalists will be listed on the website and will receive a graphic to display on their website, emails, and/or social media platforms.

Who forms the judging panels?

Judges are invited to sit on the judging panel each year. All judges are required to sign non-disclosure agreements and maintain high-levels of confidentiality. Judges are also asked to abstain from assessing any applications where there are perceived conflicts of interest.

Can we attend the Gala Event event if we’re not a Finalist?

Yes, of course! The Redlands Business Excellence Awards are the most prestigious corporate event in the Redlands each year – buy a ticket, then frock up and rock up!