Champions Committee

Champions Committee

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The Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce board is a team of passionate volunteers. All are Redlands Coast business owners and professionals.

Cindy Corrie
Champion Redlands Coast Chair

Chamber Vice-President and Champion Redlands Coast Chair
Cindy has been a Redlands Coast local for over 20 years. She demonstrates strong community leadership in her roles on a number of local, state and national boards. She is well known locally as the Founder of The Sycamore School, and is committed to ensuring that living, working and learning is a positive experience for everyone on the Redlands Coast.

Rebecca (square)
Rebecca Young

Chamber President and Member of the Champion Redlands Coast Foundation Team

Rhett Bowlen
Sub-Committee and Champion Redlands Coast Foundation Team member

Krystal Brown

Chamber Treasurer and Champion Redlands Coast Sub-Committee Member

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