The Benefits of Business Coaching

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The Benefits of Business Coaching


Many business owners have dreams and ambitions for themselves and the future of their business.

Knowing how to turn these into reality can be a challenging task, however, and that’s the position I found myself in at the end of 2019.

While I’d successfully created a fulltime job for myself, I didn’t know how to scale it and turn it into a bona fide business.

Although I was initially sceptical about the benefits of a business coach, I knew I needed guidance to move on to the next stage – so I tentatively started working with Cathy from Accelerate Business Consultancy in Cleveland.

And I’m so glad I did!

Here are just some of the benefits of working with a business coach, which I have experienced firsthand.

  1. Exposure to new resources

An experienced business coach will have knowledge, insights and strategies that have been acquired over many years of running a successful business. They will have techniques and skills that you may lack, and their advice can save considerable time and effort. Combine all that with your own knowledge and experience, and it creates a winning combination thanks to what each party brings to the table.


  1. Support and encouragement

As a sole trader (though now I have a team), having someone to bounce ideas off can be really helpful. A business coach will take the time to get to know you and your business well, forming a positive working relationship which enables them to offer targeted support and encouragement.

Also, many business owners lack confidence in their own abilities, and a coach can inspire greater self-confidence.


  1. Greater action and accountability

Many business owners have good intentions, but struggle with procrastination. A coach promotes action by working to identify the business owner’s aspirations and objectives – and then helps you to set concrete goals, and work out the steps to help you achieve them within given timeframes.

Having an action plan with regular meetings with your coach keeps you accountable and ensures the you meet any challenges head on!


  1. Increased Objectivity

A business coach views your business through a different perspective. Their external point of view helps them to recognise potential problems and mistakes that can be difficult to see from within a business.

An honest coach may not say what owners want to hear, but their constructive criticism may be the best thing for the business. For example, owners may struggle with addressing customer complaints or chasing up outstanding debts; a business coach can help owners to tackle these issues sensitively and successfully.


  1. Productivity and profitability

Working with a business coach is the best way I know to “work smarter, not harder” in your business.

A coach is an expert at maximising profits while trimming superfluous costs. They can help leverage finances and identify possible pathways to greater productivity and profitability.


For business owners with dreams and ambition, the right business coach can be a powerful ally, guiding you with the strategies and tools to grow your business so you can earn back the investment many times over!

Author: Janet Camilleri is the founder of Front Page SEO, a multi-award winning SEO agency based right here in the Redlands.




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