Uncomplicate WHS in business

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Uncomplicate WHS in business

Health and safety is often thought of as complex and the last thing on the list.

Whether you are a small business or rapidly growing, you need to consider at least the very basics when it comes to WHS in your organisation for yourself and for those around you. The health and safety legislation can seem complex but let’s break some of that down.

Work health and safety regulations apply throughout Australia to ensure that all workers receive the same level of health and safety protection, regardless of the type of work they do or where they work. Everyone benefits from a safe workplace, as we all know. It not only protects employees from injury and disease, but it also boosts productivity, reduces operating expenses, and boosts morale.

The top-down approach to safety is the most effective. Your employees will realise that you are serious about their safety if you demonstrate your dedication to it. Want to know how you can start to show your commitment to health and safety in your workplace?

Lead by example 

  • Show that you care about your employees’ health, safety, and well-being.
  • Involve yourself in workplace health and safety activities.
  • Participate in safety training and, if necessary, wear personal protective equipment.
  • Never take shortcuts when it comes to your workplace’s health and safety measures.

Show that it’s your businesses priority

  • Encourage open dialogue on workplace health and safety, as well as areas for improvement.
  • Make health and safety a regular topic of discussion during team meetings.
  • Individuals and teams who perform well in terms of safety should be praised.
  • Demonstrate and explain why getting the job done isn’t more important than ensuring worker safety.

Build health and safety INTO your business

  • Have a well-defined health and safety policy in place.
  • Set health and safety performance goals/targets for the company.
  • Include responsibility for health and safety in people’s job descriptions.
  • Put in place procedures and practises that will allow you to work safely.
  • Resource your teams appropriately!

If you are still unsure or want to chat further how you can start leading and making a commitment to health and safety in your organisation, send me a message – I am always open to a conversation and mentoring!




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