Walker Group Partners with CRC

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Walker Group Partners with CRC

We are excited to be announcing our second CRC Partner: Walker Corporation.
Championing Redlands Coast is proud to be partnering with champion of industry, Walker Corporation.
Its major redevelopment proposal for Toondah Harbour will be delivered over 15-20 years and would generate 1000 jobs annually during construction, creating opportunities for local businesses and a significant training and employment pipeline for Redland residents and the city’s youth. The $1.4 billion makeover of the ageing precinct is expected to attract 50,000 more visitors to the region and generate 500 jobs in the precinct and a further 500 local tourism jobs annually. It’s such a game changer for Redlands and SE Queensland that the Queensland Tourism Council recently nominated the project as one of the top 20 infrastructure projects that can be activated quickly to help reboot our economy in the aftermath of Covid-19.
Walker Group is one of Australia’s most trusted and responsible developers, having delivered more than 1000 projects over the past 50 years. Its confidence and investment in the future of the Redlands speaks volumes about the huge potential of the Redlands Coast as a place to live, work and play.
Toondah Harbour Foreshore



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