What is VoIP and how can it benefit your business?

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What is VoIP and how can it benefit your business?

 The Benefits of VoIP to Brisbane businesses




A cloud hosted VoIP phone system saves you money and enables you and your employees to work from anywhere, while maintaining the appearance and functionality of being in the office.


What is VoIP?


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is essentially the practice of running your phone calls and associated services via the internet, as opposed to over traditional, costly telephone infrastructure.


What is managed VoIP?


A managed VoIP provider, like our sister company Node2Node, provides your business with VoIP phones and the cloud infrastructure needed to ensure everyone in your business is connected. They’re available to help whenever there’s any issue.


The key benefits of a managed VoIP service.


  • Lower call fees.
    You only pay for the calls you use and can save up to 50% on your phone bill when compared to a traditional telco.


  • Business continuity.
    Customers can still reach you and staff use the same extensions while your business adapts to remote work and other changes.


  • No contractual obligations.
    Competitive rates with no lock-ins.


  • Local support.

Get prompt remote and virtual support from a service provider in your area, with technical expertise. There’s no more dealing with call centres


  • No bill shock.

With spend management tools you can easily set limits and prevent surprises when your phone bill arrives.


  • Features.

A cloud hosted VoIP system offers you a range of features like call forwarding, call

blocking, caller ID, call parking, voicemail, spend limit warnings, easy call transfers,

hold music and more.


If you’d like to know more about VoIP phone systems or would like to request a quote for your business, please visit this link: https://www.9spheres.com.au/voip or contact me directly.


Alexandra Marot


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