6 Award Winning Business Tips

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6 Award Winning Business Tips


There’s something special that happens when you get a group of business owners together for a mastermind session.

As the saying goes, “a problem shared is a problem halved”. But when you add to that the collective wisdom that comes from the combined minds of a group of business owners, it’s surely a fast track to success!

So when I was privileged to participate in a mastermind session recently, run by Cathy Young of the Trusted Advisor Network and Accelerate Business Consultancy, I couldn’t help but take notes.

As it turns out, these weren’t just any local business owners – every single one has an award-winning business. There were even a couple of winners and finalists from this year’s Redlands Business Excellence Awards!

Here are the pearls of wisdom they shared, when put on the spot and asked for their best business tip:

“Show confidence when you don’t feel it – because if people see confidence in you, and that you’re doing a good job, then that’s half the battle.” – Tracy Robson, Craft Brew House – 2023 Winner of Business of the Year and also Winner of the Food and Hospitality (small) category, in the Redlands Business Excellence Awards.

“I am not my business; my business is not me. I am the Custodian. This makes it a lot easier to make some of those tough decisions, as it allows you to take a step back”. – Sara Horsey, Engage Care Services – 2023 Winner, Health and Social Services category, Redlands Business Excellence Awards.

“Listening to business podcasts or reading business blogs and books doesn’t do you any good unless you implement what you have learned!” – Debi Brett, Debi Brett Photography – 2023 Finalist, Creative Industries category, Redlands Business Excellence Awards.

“Always keep the end goal in mind, instead of being consumed by the day to day.” –  Stacey Phillips, Tubie Fun – 2022 Finalist, AusMumpreneur Awards; 2020 and 2021 Winner, AusMumpreneur Awards.

“Put your prices up regularly – set a date and do it annually. Nobody thanks you for trying to minimise price rises, they just complain more when you do have to increase, because it’s a bigger jump!” – Janet Camilleri, Front Page SEO – 2021 Finalist, Innovation and Sustainability categories, Redlands Business Excellence Awards.

“Listen to what your client wants – it’s about them, not you!” – Marie McCready, Creations Wig Studio – recently named Best Wig Store by the Best Brisbane.

Our business owners certainly come from a diverse range of industries – from marketing to disability services, hospitality to retail.

What’s clear is that the journey to business excellence is not a solitary path, but rather a collective voyage, where shared experiences can help propel entrepreneurs towards the pinnacle of success.



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