Project Pipeline

The Redlands Coast is on the cusp of an unprecedented era in its history, with a ten-year, $6 billion investment pipeline of 138 separate projects set to transform the region – creating employment opportunities, attracting new residents and visitors, and improving quality of life for the Redlands Coast community.

An investment in our future

Within the next decade, the Redlands Coast is set to become one of South East Queensland’s most dynamic, prosperous, and sustainable economies – supporting a thriving network of new businesses in emerging and fast-growing sectors, such as automation, sustainability, ecotourism, and electric vehicles.

The diversity of the projects featured in the project pipeline demonstrates the breadth and dynamism of the Redlands Coast economy and the attractiveness of the region as an investment proposition across so many sectors.

Major investments in infrastructure, manufacturing, residential, health care, tourism, and retail sectors – including truly transformational projects such as Toondah Harbour, Shoreline and Weinam Creek – will bring significant new opportunities to the area.

Add your project

to the pipeline

Our early research conducted by RPS Group in 2020, highlighted the importance of ensuring new and emerging projects are added to the pipeline, in order to track and learn about the opportunities these projects may bring to the Redlands Coast.

We encourage people with community, civil, and commercial infrastructure projects of over $1,000,000 to add their project to the pipeline.

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