Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce holds a yearly gathering of its organisation’s interested members and stakeholders. At the AGM the current standing committee will present an annual report containing information about the Chamber’s performance and strategy.

All registered members, holding voting rights as current members, will vote on the next year’s committee appointments, as well as any other current ongoing requirements or changes to the organisation.

2021 AGM

Everyone is welcome to attend the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce 2021 AGM. However, in order to hold voting rights, you must be a registered and current financial member of the Chamber.

Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce Commitee 2021/2022

Life Members of the RCCC

Garry Hargraves, Lynne Sturgess, Ian Neil

RCCC Committee 2021/2022

Cath Koch, Ian Chester-Master (VP), Adrian Reavley, Linda Grieve, Ross Snell (Secretary), Suzie Tafolo (VP), Krystal Brown (Treasurer), Adam Williams, Cheryl Stainsby, Rebecca Young (President), Cindy Corrie (VP), (Absent: Tom Power)


Thank you to our members, partners & sponsors

RCCC Constitution