Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

RCCC Annual General MeetingS (AGM)

The Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce holds a yearly gathering of its organisation’s members and stakeholders. At the AGM the current standing committee will present an annual report containing information about the Chamber’s performance and strategy.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce’s 2023 AGM, however, in order to hold voting rights, you must be a registered and current financial member of the Chamber. 

All attending members will vote on the next year’s committee appointments, as well as any other current ongoing requirements or changes to the organisation. 

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2021/2022 Chamber Executive Committee
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2022/2023 Chamber Executive Committee

Cath Koch, Ian Chester-Master, Adrian Reavley, Linda Grieve, Ross Snell, Suzie Tafolo, Krystal Brown, Adam Williams, Cheryl Stainsby, Rebecca Young, Cindy Corrie

Nicci Payouw, Ross Snell, Suzie Tafolo, Aaron Weir, Tina Nash, Ally Williamson, Cindy Corrie, Gemma Coady, Linda Grieve, Adrian Reavley

You are invited

Members of the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce are advised that the Annual General Meeting of Members will be held on:

Monday 25 September 2023
6.30pm start
FREE for members | $10.00pp for non-members

Hogan’s Wellington Point Hotel
Nautilus Room – upstairs
Light refreshments will be served


President’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Appointment of Auditor
Constitutional Changes
Election of Executive Committee for 2021/2022
Life Memberships
General Business

your 2023/2024 committee

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Back: Adrian Reavley (VP), Ross Snell (VP), Linda Grieve (VP), Tina Nash, Grace Tobin

Front: Michelle Meurs (Treasurer), Suzie Tafolo (President), Cheryl Stainsby, Katie Bolton, Aaron Weir

Absent: Ally Williamson

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Past Presidents of the RCCC: Ian Neil, Cindy Corrie, Rebeca Young, Lynne Sturgess, Greg Watson, Suzie Tafolo

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New Life Member (and ex-president) Rebecca Young being presented with flowers and life membership certificate from Linda Grieve (VP)

2023 AGM report

Note: report contains DRAFT Audit report only. Audit report to be finalised and submitted to members when completed.

2023 AGM Report


2023/2024 Committee Nominations


Suzie Tafolo (Tafolo Realty – @Realty)

VICE president(s)

Adrian Reavley (express print & sign)
linda grieve (cage youth foundation)
ross snell (mccarthy durie lawyers)


katie bolton (air elite group)


michelle meurs (shoebox books)

general committee

aaron weir (azz industries)
ally williamson (rivers insurance)
cheryl stainsby (your directors advocate)
grace tobin (busy schools, cleveland)
tina nash (bathrooms2nv)

Call for Nominations

All current committee members will stand down at the 2023 AGM and nominations will be taken for the new 2023/2024 Chamber Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee of the Chamber consists of (up to) 12 positions:

1x President
(up to) 3x Vice Presidents
1x Secretary
1x Treasurer
(up to) 6x General Committee Members

If you wish to nominate yourself, please download and complete the below nomination form.

nomination FORM

Completed forms to the Secretary, via: [email protected]

Forms must be received by: 5.00pm (AEST) Friday 08th September

Important documents

Please ensure you have made yourself familiar with all of the below documents before nominating for the committee. These documents outline your commitment and expectations as an Executive Committee Member of the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce, and should be read in their entirety. 



policy documents

Declaration form

Proxy Form (voting)

If you are unable to attend the AGM and and vote is called for on the night, you may nominate a proxy, using the form below, for an attending member to vote on your behalf.


Completed forms to the Secretary, via: [email protected]

Forms must be received by: 5.00pm (AEST) Friday 08th September

Previous AGM reports

2022 AGM Report

2021 agm report

latest news