Redlands Coast


We want to see a prosperous and sustainable future for the region, that includes new employment opportunities, whilst also preserving the region’s great quality of life. And we know it can be done. We have great local success stories like Raby Bay Harbour where new housing and infrastructure exists alongside a wonderful natural habitat, together creating a world-class community experience.


Who is a Redlands Champion?

We celebrate and showcase local Champions who have shaped our wonderful Redlands Coast over generations, and we encourage, acknowledge and inspire local changemakers and those who are working to shape our future. From some of our formidable leaders like Founder of Sirromet Wines Terri Morris, to generational businesses like Darwalla, Redlands Coast is home to some of the most innovative, long standing businesses who give so much to their community. We can learn so much about our past, and how we can embrace our future. 

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