Awards Information & Category Details

2022 Redlands Coast Business Excellence Awards information …. coming soon

The Award Objectives

The objectives of the Redlands Coast Business Excellence Awards Program for 2021 and beyond.

Award criteria and interview questions are aligned with the Awards Framework and Objectives to allow businesses across all sectors and industries to tell their story in a way that allows for consistent, fair and measurable merit-based judging.


Recognise business excellence in line with the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce strategic vision and plan


Celebrate the growth, improvement and innovation of local business and industry


Promote excellence in business leadership, strategy and relationships to deliver results


Support and celebrate a culture of community spirit and connection

The Awards Framework

The Redlands Coast Business Excellence Awards are created around a framework that puts the spotlight on seven key factors that promote excellence in business:

  • Leadership and culture
  • People and relationships
  • Strategy and planning
  • Customer service
  • Improvement and innovation in product, processes and services
  • Results and sustainable performance
  • Community connections.

* The Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce’s framework of Business Excellence has been developed using the European Framework Quality Management model for Business Excellence and the Australian Business Excellence Framework.

AWARD Categories

– 2022 Categories coming soon