CRC seeks Industry Partnership

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CRC seeks Industry Partnership


CRC seeks Industry Partnership

Today the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce released the ‘Championing Redlands Coast Partnership Proposal’, seeking to recruit new partnerships to assist in the creation and delivery of the new initiative focused on shaping the vision and future of Redlands Coast.

Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce President, Rebecca Young, said ‘the Chamber is looking to align stakeholders and work together collectively to make sure the CRC delivers value for the economy. This means the initiative needs to be led by industry. CRC has continued to gain momentum with local and state government partnerships and industry support and now is the time for the Chamber to partner with businesses who want to be apart of shaping the city’s economic narrative’.

Last week the Championing Redlands Coast initiative formally engaged RPS to deliver the research and project pipeline, a core component of the project. ‘At the moment it is creating a real buzz’, Rebecca said. ‘For probably the first time ever the chamber is getting calls from big businesses saying we want in and we want to be a part of this narrative.

The project was also highlighted in the local newspaper, the Redland City Times. Championing Redlands Coast initiative to create narrative for city’s future as local economy is put under microscope. The article outlined the Chamber’s strong vision for the project and the city overall.

For a copy of the proposal contact the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce, by clicking here.

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