How to develop an develop an employee value proposition

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How to develop an develop an employee value proposition

Companies are actively competing for talent.  A Google search identified 1,850,000 hits for “employer of choice” …. so what is it?  They are companies that have a leading culture and best practices that attract, optimise and hold top talent, achieving stated objectives, and develop an Employee Value Proposition (EVP).  An EVP is the holistic sum of everything people experience while part of an entity, including job satisfaction, environment, leadership, colleagues, compensation and more.  A strong EVP attracts great people.  You need to equip your hiring managers with tools to articulate your EVP.

EVP is defined as the measurement of the balance between what an employee receives from their employer in return for their performance on the job, ie it is the “get” versus the “give”.  If the “get” rewards equal or exceed what they “give” – you have a satisfied workforce and increased retention.  It is the “get” part of the EVP that needs to be the focus.

The EVP needs to answer this question:  what is unique about your organisation?  Is it the culture, practices, environment, leadership, team/colleagues; benefits/entitlements, progression, or opportunities?  Why would a talented person want to work for your organisation?

Four pillars of an EVP:

1.  Work / Life balance

2.  Career Development

3.  Personal Development

4.  Recognition

Some common themes in EVPs:

  • Work life balance
  • Community recognition
  • Stability, tenure
  • Flexibility
  • Training and development
  • Making a difference
  • Structure and framework
  • Diverse workforce
  • Challenging environment
  • Impact on peoples lives

Where to start? 

1.  Gather information:

  • Input from various group and stakeholders
  • Focus groups
  • Survey
  • Exit interviews
  • Interview question data – “Why do you want to work here?”

2.  Communicate and articulate the EVP:

  • Internet site
  • Job advertisements
  • Posters
  • Employee referral program

3.  EVP and retention:

  • Recruit people that are attracted to your EVP
  • Hire for aptitude train on skills
  • Engagement levels stem from the EVP

Claire Harrison, Director, Harrison Human Resources, 1300 544 803,



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