RCCC AGM Committee Nominations

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RCCC AGM Committee Nominations

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2021 Nominations for Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce Committee


Position Name Office Bearer Role Proposer Seconder
1 Rebecca Young President Rhett Bowlen Tony Curl
2 Tony Curl Vice President Rhett Bowlen Mark Fitzgerald
3 Suzie Tafolo Vice President Susan Napper Mark Fitzgerald
4 Ian Chester-Master Vice President Adrian Reavley Catherine Koch
5 Ross Snell Secretary Garry Francis White Ming Body
6 Susan Napper Treasurer Ian Chester-Master Rhett Bowlen
7 Catherine Koch Committee Adrian Reavley Ian Chester-Master
8 Rhett Bowlen Committee Tony Curl Mark Fitzgerald
9 Mark Fitzgerald Committee Susan Napper Ross Snell
10 Adrian Reavley Committee

Catherine Koch


Ian Chester-Master
11 Cindy Corrie Committee Tony Curl Savannah Falzon
12 William Lawrence Committee Adrian Reavley Stephen Gibson
13 Cathy Young Committee Catherine Koch Ian Chester- Master
14 Linda Grieve Committee Rebecca Young Rhett Bowlen



Proxy forms available here:

Should you not be able to make it to the AGM and want to support any of the above for their nominated roles, please ensure you appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf. Download the proxy form below and return prior to the AGM on Monday 21st September.

2020 Proxy Form




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