Redlands Regional Jobs Committee Empowering Employment on the Redlands Coast

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Redlands Regional Jobs Committee Empowering Employment on the Redlands Coast

In today’s rapidly evolving job market, the Redlands Regional Jobs Committee (RRJC) stands out as a vital organisation dedicated to enhancing employment opportunities and fostering economic growth within the Redlands Coast community. As a driving force behind various initiatives, the RRJC has become an indispensable resource for job seekers, students, local businesses, and the broader community. This blog will delve into the key functions and contributions of the RRJC, as outlined on their official website, to shed light on the remarkable work they undertake.


Redlands Coast Jobs: The ONLY local jobs board

One of the standout features of the RRJC is their creation of Redlands Coast Jobs, the only online local jobs board specifically tailored to the Redlands Coast community. This platform serves as a FREE centralised hub where employers can advertise job vacancies while job seekers can access a wide range of local employment opportunities. By connecting local businesses with local talent, Redlands Coast Jobs plays a pivotal role in stimulating economic growth and reducing unemployment rates within the region.


Click here to explore the Redlands Coast Jobs board


School to Work Transition: Empowering the future

The RRJC recognises the importance of a seamless transition from school to the workforce and actively supports initiatives that bridge the gap between schools, students, and local businesses. Through their School to Work Transition program, the RRJC empowers young individuals by providing valuable insights, resources, and opportunities. This collaboration between educational institutions and local businesses ensures that students gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and exposure to make informed career choices and successfully enter the workforce.


Click here to for all things “School to Work Transition”


Get Skilled: Access to training and skills

Keeping pace with the demands of a rapidly changing job market requires access to relevant training and skills development. The RRJC’s Get Skilled initiative aims to address this need by providing direct and online access to training and skills providers offering a wide range of courses. By equipping individuals with the necessary skills and qualifications, Get Skilled plays a vital role in enhancing employability and facilitating career progression within the Redlands Coast community.


Click here to for all things”Get Skilled”


Workforce Diversification: Valuing differences

Recognising the strength and benefits of a diverse workforce, the RRJC actively supports local businesses in creating an inclusive environment that values the differences among employees. Through their Workforce Diversification efforts, the RRJC provides guidance, resources, and best practices to businesses, promoting equal opportunities and fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity. By embracing diversity, businesses on the Redlands Coast can harness the unique talents and perspectives of their employees, leading to enhanced innovation, productivity, and overall success.


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The Redlands Regional Jobs Committee serves as a beacon of opportunity and progress within the Redlands Coast community. Through their diverse initiatives, such as Redlands Coast Jobs, School to Work Transition, Get Skilled, and Workforce Diversification, the RRJC actively works towards strengthening the local economy, empowering individuals, and supporting businesses. By providing invaluable resources, connections, and guidance, the RRJC plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between job seekers and employers, fostering a prosperous and inclusive community for all. 

Discover the limitless opportunities for employment and career growth on the Redlands Coast – Click here to explore how the RRJC can empower your journey.



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