Support for small businesses wanting to secure skilled staff

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Support for small businesses wanting to secure skilled staff

Are you a local small business on a mission to secure skilled staff? We understand the challenges you face and we’re here to inspire and support you in your quest with our top tips:

1️⃣ List your job on the Redlands Coast Jobs Board, an excellent platform to connect with potential candidates within your local community. Create a Job Listing with the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce to increase your visibility and attract skilled individuals. 🌐👥

2️⃣ Explore local Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) that offer training in relevant skills. Reach out to them and inquire about promoting your job listings to their current students or recent graduates. The Redlands Skills Directory and the Queensland Skills Gateway are valuable resources to discover potential partnerships. 🎓🔎 Head to our very own Get Skilled – Redlands Skills Directory here 👉

3️⃣ For the specific industries, consider reaching out to RTOs specifically focused on that industry training. This way you can tap into the wealth of talent that these institutions nurture and see if they can help connect you with skilled individuals. ☕🍽️

4️⃣ Embrace the power of social media! Share your job listings on local community pages, targeted demographic groups, and relevant job boards. Additionally, get creative with your approach to capture their attention and let them know you value their unique talents! 📱💡

5️⃣ Expand your reach by listing your job openings on youth-focused recruitment apps like Getahead – Jobs are cool 😎. These platforms cater specifically to young talent, offering a pool of potential candidates eager to make their mark in the workforce. 🌟✨ Check out Gethead here 👉

6️⃣ Forge connections with Employment Service Providers in your area. Collaborate with them to identify suitable clients who may be a perfect fit for your business. Their expertise and network can be valuable in finding skilled individuals within your local community. Connect with Employment Service Providers completely free and tap into their pool of registered job seeker clients ready for placement, start searching now 👉

Remember, the power of connection and creativity knows no bounds. By tapping into these resources and thinking outside the box, you can discover a treasure trove of skilled staff waiting to contribute to your success. 🌠💼

Keep pushing forward, stay resilient, and never underestimate the incredible impact you can make on your community by providing meaningful employment opportunities. Together, we can build a thriving local workforce. 💪🌟

The Redlands Regional Jobs Committee is proudly supported and funded by the Queensland Government.



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