1+1=3 The Product of Diversity

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1+1=3 The Product of Diversity

No…my maths isn’t wrong…well not in the world of Diversity it’s not.

One person: with their unique perspectives, skills, experiences, background and life:

When given the opportunity to collaborate with another person also with their own uniqueness and value, produce an outcome. But the quality and efficiency of that outcome is dependent on the differences between the two people.

Where two people are the same in their approach and experiences 1+1=2. The same ideas and solutions present themselves.

But where two people have diversity of thought and different approaches to problem solving, an added and hidden opportunity presents itself in the product of their creative efforts – the third element 1+1=3

It demonstrates that diverse groups of people who collaborate well have a competitive edge. They provide solutions and innovative ideas other organisations who don’t value diversity wouldn’t be able to achieve.

But it’s not enough to just have diversity in a group of employees. Diversity in the group can only be capitalised upon if employers are aware that it exists, and actively seek to ensure that the strengths those people bring are utilised.

Gone are the days where information that drives decision making sits at the top. To truly appreciate and achieve that third element of creativity, it takes every person and their unique contributions to be appreciated and valued and included in organisational decision making processes.

Organisations who choose not to embrace diversity and inclusion as a strategic objective and development opportunity are losing out.

Today as I was being interviewed for a podcast, I was describing how the product of diversity is an untapped resource businesses don’t understand they have – or don’t have. It made me realise that diversity and inclusion really is the new frontier that will set the cream of the crop apart from everyone else.

Cindy Corrie: Parent to a child on the autism spectrum, advocate, speaker, and founder of The Sycamore School for children with autism. Cindy has dedicated her time to improving Diversity and Inclusion in our communities, and was awarded an Australia Day Local Hero Award for her work in 2018. Cindy’s mission now is to support organisations on their journeys toward true inclusion. http://www.cindycorrie.com.au



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