Amy Dyer’s top tips for 12 year graduates

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Amy Dyer’s top tips for 12 year graduates

The Redlands Regional Jobs Committee extends heartfelt congratulations to all graduating Year 12 students for 2023. To our ATAR students, as you eagerly await the release of your scores this Friday, 15 December, we wish you the very best.

In the spirit of timely guidance, we’re thrilled to share invaluable tips from Amy Dyer, Careers Counsellor and owner of Amy Dyer Careers Counselling. A recent panellist at our RJC Careers Panel Chat at Faith Lutheran College, Amy offers fantastic career advice. This wisdom serves as a reminder to students and parents alike that ATAR scores are just one measure of performance and future pathways.

Your ATAR and results do not define you! Take a look at your soft skills, such as communication, willingness to take on challenges and ability to fail. These are the skills that will set you apart.

Start somewhere you enjoy.  The opportunities you accept along the way will continue to develop and enrich your skill set.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable to possibilities. Just because something doesn’t go to plan, doesn’t mean it is wrong.

Many universities have a ‘VET Pathway Guaranteed Entry’. Students that have completed a Certificate III or higher can gain direct entry into a wide range of ‘VET Guarantee’ University Bachelor degrees.

Consider other study options. Such as Fee Free TAFE for year 12 graduates or a Diploma Course.

Embrace the multitude of ways to achieve your career goals and dreams. Your journey is unique, and success comes in various forms. Here’s to a bright future and limitless possibilities!

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