Top Tips For Young Jobseekers with Blaise Guy

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Top Tips For Young Jobseekers with Blaise Guy

Blaise Guy, Software Engineer at Bar-Tech Automation and expert panellist from our recent Career Panels Chat at Capalaba State College, shares his top tips for young jobseekers:

✅ Be bold and enthusiastic: No matter what you are looking into, if you dive headfirst into it you’ll get much more out of it. Do it while you’re young – as soon as you start paying rent, you can no longer afford to invest as much into your self-development.

✅ Ask for help and advice: Your teachers want you to succeed – AND they know how the academic systems work. They know how you’ll get marked and on what, and what things need to be prioritised.

✅ Don’t give up on finding a job you like: Working for one employer doesn’t mean you can’t look for other work. You are allowed to apply for more than one thing at once – you just have to tell the people who call up later “sorry, the Employer position has been filled”.

✅ Use your Recognition of Prior Learning for Study: You can save thousands of dollars and months of your life by providing documentation that shows you have prior knowledge – whether this be a portfolio or a Certificate you have done.

✅ Go beyond the minimum: Passing your study, whether it’s TAFE or University ,or a Trade, is good. Excelling requires you to put in a little more. You are the sum of your experiences. Challenge yourself to experience more.

Thank you Blaise for your words of wisdom, they are a beacon for young jobseekers entering the workforce.
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