Customs Brokers a key piece to the international shipping puzzle

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Customs Brokers a key piece to the international shipping puzzle

Global PFS provides an end-to-end International Freight Forwarding service, which includes working with shipping lines, airlines, consolidators, insurance and customs brokers. Shipping requirements and insurance are fairly obvious pieces to the freight forwarding puzzle, but just as important is that of compliance with customs. This is where Customs Brokers come in.

What is a Customs Broker?

A Customs Broker is an individual who has undertaken formal training and is licensed by the Australian Border Force, to declare goods into Australia on behalf of businesses or individuals. They are sometimes referred to as Customs Clearance Agents. In simple terms, Customs Brokers are the middle person between an importing business and the Australian Government. They not only work with customs but may also work with other Government departments (most importantly quarantine) to guarantee clearance, depending on your goods.

What is their role?

Customs Brokers are responsible for:


  • Classifying goods correctly and applying the correct customs tariff number (HS Code)
  • Preparing and submitting all clearance documentation to the correct Government departments
  • Calculating duties and taxes payable
  • Understanding tariffs and if any tariff concessions are applicable
  • Investigating if any of Australia’s Free Trade Agreements are available to you


Why are they important?

There are a number of lengthy and complex Federal laws in Australia which apply to customs and imports. If you are importing goods into Australia, you must use a licensed Customs Broker to ensure your legal obligations are met, the correct duties and tariffs are calculated and all declarations are completed correctly to clear your goods. A trustworthy and reputable Customs Broker saves you the headache of delays and fines or worse, seizure or destruction of your product.

How does Global PFS help you with Customs Brokers?

Global PFS have built solid relationships and have years of experience in dealing with customs. We use only the very best Customs Brokers, whom we know and trust implicitly. Your Personal Freight Consultant will listen to you and ask a number of questions to help define and articulate your goods to ensure the Customs Broker has a thorough understanding of your product. Thus ensuring your goods are cleared to enter the country without delay, added cost or legal implications.

If you are unsure about any stage of the freight forwarding process or would like to chat about how we can help you with importing your goods, please get in touch. You can arrange a no obligation virtual Personalised Freight Review with our team now or give us a call on +61 07 3185 4184 (EXT 800).



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