Insights from Andrew Hocking from careers panel at Busy Schools Cleveland

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Insights from Andrew Hocking from careers panel at Busy Schools Cleveland

We’re excited to share insights from Andrew Hocking, Business Manager at TAFE Queensland and RJC Committee Member. Andrew was a special guest at our recent careers panel at Busy Schools Cleveland.

✅ Embrace Resilience: Don’t let ‘NO’ discourage you. You may encounter rejection, but all it takes is one ‘YES.’ Stay positive, persistent, and resilient in your pursuit.

✅ Authenticity Wins: During interviews, politeness is essential, but authenticity is paramount. Potential employers seek to understand the real you and assess if you’ll seamlessly integrate into their organisation. Don’t make the mistake of pretending to be someone you’re not – showcase your values and let your true self shine.

✅ Values Matter: Seek alignment with your employer’s values. Ultimately, you want to work for a company that shares your principles. Demonstrate your values during the hiring process; it’s not just about getting any job but finding the right fit for both you and the business.

✅ Craft Your Experience: A job is as interesting as you make it. Approach tasks with enthusiasm and creativity. Your perspective can transform the mundane into the extraordinary. Remember, you have the power to shape your job experience.

In the journey towards your dream career, resilience, authenticity, values, and enthusiasm play key roles. Keep pushing forward, be true to yourself and turn every opportunity into an exciting chapter in your professional story.


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