3 Ways the Redlands Coast Jobs Board is Strengthening Our Community

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3 Ways the Redlands Coast Jobs Board is Strengthening Our Community

Do you think the Redlands Coast Jobs Board is just about job listings? Think again.  Our local jobs board is more than local jobs, It’s a powerhouse for connecting and energising our community. In this blog, we’re diving into the top three ways this platform is building a brighter future for our Redlands Coast community. 


Fostering Local Employment Opportunities

At its core, the Jobs Board excels in matching local talent with local businesses. This focus on ‘local first’ ensures that the benefits of employment – from economic growth to personal development – stay within the community, bolstering our regional economy.


Supporting Business Growth and Development

There are many businesses that can attest to the growth that comes from accessing the right talent. The Jobs Board provides a streamlined, accessible platform for these businesses to find and nurture the skills they need, driving their success and, in turn, the success of our community.


Enhancing Community Connections and Cohesion

By linking businesses and job seekers within the Redlands Coast, the Jobs Board strengthens community ties. It’s not just about job listings; it’s about creating a network of support, advice, and collaboration that enriches both the professional and personal lives of our residents.


Real businesses, Big Impact

Watch the real-life stories of two incredible local businesses: 2 Bent Rods and Ruby & Ollie’s All Abilities Childcare. Our “Connecting Redlands Coast Community with Redlands Coast Jobs” video showcases how they leveraged the free Redlands Coast Jobs Board to achieve remarkable success.


The Redlands Coast Jobs Board is a cornerstone in building a more connected, prosperous, and resilient community. It’s a testament to the power of local collaboration and a shining example of how targeted initiatives can create lasting, positive change.

Explore the opportunities waiting for you on the Redlands Coast Jobs Board – your next connection could shape the future of our community.



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