Tony’s top tip for young jobseekers in the trade industry

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Tony’s top tip for young jobseekers in the trade industry

What fantastic career planning tips and school-to-work transition advice from panellist Tony Martin, Career Pathways Manager at Construction Skills Queensland, at our recent Redlands Regional Jobs Committee Careers Panel chat at Capalaba State College.

Here are Tony’s top tips for navigating the school-to-work transition 👇

✅Try before you buy: It is so important to make an informed decision prior to commencing your chosen career, especially if it’s construction. Too many young people join the industry with unrealistic expectations. Use work experience as a way to gain an understanding of what your career will look like.

✅Ask questions: While it can be intimidating, experienced people are most often willing to help you come to the right decision when it comes to choosing your career pathway. Remember, the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask!

✅You’re new to this and we get it… do you? Don’t create unnecessary pressure by fearing failure. ‘Getting it right the first go,’ is not important. ‘Learning to get it right and accepting it takes time,’ is a far better attitude. Employers will appreciate it.

✅Find your passion: Don’t choose a pathway because it’s the easy option. If Uncle Bob is looking for an apprentice, it’s very short-sighted if you take it up simply because it’s there, it’ll save you looking for a job and Uncle Bob’s doing alright so it must be good! If you enjoy what you do, your passion and enthusiasm will shine through, making you far more employable than if you’re simply ‘turning up.’

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