Sirromet Wines partners with CRC

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Sirromet Wines partners with CRC

Championing Redlands Coast is proud to announce our third partnership with entrepreneurs and leaders in wine making, hospitality, tourism and sustainability – Sirromet Wines.
The story of Sirromet began when Terry Morris, Queensland entrepreneur and businessman, was in Victoria attending a dinner party with friends. Terry mentioned that he had tried a great wine from Queensland’s Granite Belt to which his Victorian friends laughed and said “There’s no such thing as a great wine from Queensland.”
This was the spark that Terry needed to create his vision for Sirromet. Utilising traditional methods and new technology, Sirromet produces exquisite quality wines recognised on the world stage. The same philosophy Sirromet have in pursuit of winemaking excellence extends to their wide range of offerings from high quality of restaurants and dining to unique glamping and tourism experiences.
Sirromet are also advocates for growth and knowledge in wine-making, delivering courses in the Wine & Spirit Education and industry career progression pathways.
Sirromet is passionate about environmentally sustainable wine production with initiatives that include responsible water use, waste recycling, energy conservation, re-vegetation, wildlife conservation, and eco-friendly farming practices.
Championing Redlands Coast is proud to be partnering with a champion of industry and of the Redlands Coast.
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