Don’t Complicate A Relationship Before It’s Even Begun

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Don’t Complicate A Relationship Before It’s Even Begun

A common mistake I often see on websites is over-complicating things! It is always best to keep the site specific and focused on your business products and services. The end user expects website navigation to be simple and efficient. Visitors to your site need the ability to manoeuvre with ease and find the most relevant information, fast!

Your Website Home Page

When designing your homepage, ensure the page has been designed with clear and relevant information about your business. This allows customers to become immediately aware of the features and benefits of the products or services your business provides.

Website Maintenance

Ensure you keep your website well maintained, without dead links, which lead nowhere. Update your website content regularly to remove old and outdated information. Optimise your site with content that loads efficiently with images correctly sized and proportional.a

Keep Your Content Relevant

Use images that tell a story about your brand. If the image is confusing, the message is confusing too. Keep the customer focused on the benefits associated with your business and it’s products or services. If you’re talking about the problems that you solve, focus on the solution and the benefits of your solution.

Keep the relationship, simple, business orientated and efficient for the user and you may just have the beginnings of a long term relationship with a brilliant new customer or client!

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Cath Koch is the Managing Director of Wild Cat Design, designing online solutions for small business.



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