How to Market Online in 3 Easy Steps

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How to Market Online in 3 Easy Steps

What is Online Marketing?

‘Online Marketing’ simply refers to the process of advertising and selling products / services over the Internet.

Over recent times the use of online shopping and browser search for business services has expanded greatly. Today over 40% of Australians regularly utilise the Internet for shopping and many completely bypass online business listings such as the yellow pages, opting for a simple google search instead. A world of goods and services is readily available online.

Why Online Marketing?

What are the benefits of selling online?

1. Get fast results: Implement strategies to locate your target market with precision.

2. Save money: Minimise your operating costs.

3. Generate passive income: Your virtual business is open worldwide 24/7.

How to Market Online in 3 Easy Steps

It is easy to expand your business online.

Simply follow the steps below to join the digital revolution.

Step 1. Have a Custom Website Built for You

A professionally designed website is your best chance for online success.

It is important to get it right as first impressions count.

What works best?

A professionally designed website will be built with your target audience in mind. It should be clear, uncluttered and simple to navigate. If you want people to buy products online, make sure they can complete transactions securely and efficiently.

One huge benefit of the Internet is that it ‘levels the playing field’. With a quality website, even the smallest business can compete with the largest retailer or service provider.

Step 2. Find your Target Market

The second step is to consider your target audience.

Why not use the Internet to reach your customers on a one-to-one basis?

Internet marketing uses tools such as social media marketing, local directory listing and targeted online sales promotions. A special emphasis is placed on appealing to targeted groups of web users and consumers.

Step 3. Get the Right Advice

The Internet is constantly evolving and new developments emerging.

A quality Internet marketing company can help you achieve your online marketing goals with the right advice.

Always be open to what is available and the benefits to your business.

With the right approach your online business will succeed.

By Saul Edmonds

Saul Edmonds – Partner / Producer at Roundhouse Audiovisual

Roundhouse is a creative agency based in the Redlands




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