Rapid Antigen Test Saliva Pens

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Rapid Antigen Test Saliva Pens

Don’t miss out on Rapid Antigen Test Saliva Pens – pre order now!



Jingeri (Hello)

Purchase now in time for the TGA rule change 1st November 2021. We are anticipating that there will be a supply shortage in November when the TGA rules change and businesses could potentially miss out on this opportunity. This email outlines the expected rule changes, the Rapid Antigen Test Saliva Pens and how buying from an Indigenous business supports our valued social outcomes.

Currently the Rapid Antigen Test Saliva Pens are Class Three listed TGA, this means all tests must be conducted by a health professional with a current APHRA number. The Federal Government have announced that the Class is going to change to Class One on November 1st which will allow Australians to self-test for covid before entering events and the workplace.

Australians are desperate to get back to work and living our best lives and we need to be able to do this quickly and safely. The Rapid Antigen Test Pens are the simplest and least intrusive method for doing this in the current marketplace. When the TGA class is changed, employees and consumers will be able to self-test using the Rapid Antigen Test Saliva Pens and within 15 minutes and 90% accuracy you will obtain a fast and high level accuracy result.

The Rapid Antigen Test Saliva Pen:-

  • The Rapid Antigen Test Saliva Pens are far less intrusive then the NASAL tests.
  • Individually wrapped units for worksites
  • Wholesale and volume prices available
  • 2 and 5 packs for retail sale
  • Limited supply, I cannot stress enough that we will only have one chance at a pre order
  • All TGA certificates and testing results available on request
  • MOQ 20 Units (Box), Carton Contains 540 units and a Pallet Contains 18900 units


Buying from SupplyAus

SupplyAus are a leading 100% Owned Indigenous business that has a track record of providing volume COVID supplies. We are a social enterprise who directly supports Indigenous programs through the profits of our sales. With the Rapid Antigen Test Saliva Pens we are committing 5% of profits to the Dreaming Futures Charity, a charity that supports Indigenous young people who live in care develop hope, resilience, and job ready skills. Your purchase from us supports them.


If you are interested in Rapid Antigen Tests to help your workforce or for personal use, please contact me directly or email [email protected].



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